Tipping point worst ever answer gameshow game show bev itv

People are calling this answer on Tipping Point the worst in game show history

The contestant offered an answer that viewers could not believe, “who chooses these idiots?”, one wrote

ITV’s Tipping Point became the topic of conversation on Monday night, after a contestant on the show offered what is being considered the “worst answer in game show history”.

The general knowledge quiz show, which sees contestants answer questions in a bid to collect money from a large coin dozer and progress to the final to play for £10,000, broadcasts at 4pm on ITV daily, preceding The Chase.

Tipping point worst ever answer gameshow game show bev itv
Thinking about it. Bev carefully considers her answer | ITV

On Monday’s edition of the show, host Ben Shephard welcomed Bev, who in round one buzzed in to answer the question “Between 1991 and 1999, Peter Schmeichel was the goalkeeper for which English Football Club”.

Her answer however, had viewers in hysterics as she answered “Germany”.

Shephard looked bemused by the answer, before reiterating that the question asked which “English football club” and then revealing the answer to be “Manchester United”.

Social Media reacted

Viewers took to Twitter to share their laughter with friends, at the expense of Bev, who later admitted whilst laughing off the blunder: “My husband’s going to be so cross with me.”

One user tore into the French translator from Northampton, saying: “Bev is thick as f*ck, worst player ever”. Another added “Who chooses these idiots on Tipping Point? They just go on TV and embarrass themselves.”

Tipping point worst ever answer gameshow game show bev itv
Laughing it off. Bev chuckles after realising she misunderstood the question. | ITV

A third, more sympathetic tweeter commented: “Poor Bev, she wanted to win so bad she just buzzed in without knowing lol”, whilst a fourth wasn’t so generous, writing: “Bev there on Tipping Point with the worst answer in game show history.”

Tipping Point continues on ITV 1 and ITV 1 HD at 4pm weekdays.

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