The Voice UK concluded on Sunday with a LIVE show, which bosses may have wished was pre-recorded

The Live final of ITV’s The Voice UK was marred on Sunday after Welsh singing legend, Sir Tom Jones accidentally dropped an F*** bomb when his face was being broadcast across the nation.

After it was revealed that After Into The Ark had made it into the final two, the cameras switched to Sir Tom, to capture their metors reaction.

However, the curse of live television struch as an applauding Sir Tom could be seen uttering the words “f*ck me”, much to the amusement of social media users, who were quick to capture the footage for those who may have missed it.

This wasn’t the only moment of controversy for the ITV talent show, as a stage invader casually walked on at the moment the competitions winner was announced.

Viewers believe it to be serial hoaxer, Simon Brodkin (AKA Lee Nelson), but fans weren’t able to see the person’s face as security quickly tackled them off stage.

Another theory suggests it could have been Trollstation, who are also notorious for storming live TV broadcasts.

The invader was holding up a piece of A4 paper containting a long message, but with security so quickly on hand, the message remains a mystery until the perpetrator is officially unveiled.

The Voice UK winner, Mo Adeniran appeared on ITV’s Good Morning Britain today and explained how he was “In a state of shock” when he heard he’d won.

Speaking to Charlotte Hawkins and Kate Garraway, Mo explained: “It’s been amazing. I’m just really relieved and happy. The whole experience was amazing”.

Admitting that his win “still hasn’t sunk in,” Mo revealed that he has already spoken to the record label ahead of the release of his music.

Mo admitted he was “over the moon,” at the win and is “so happy”.