Tommy Dickfingers scene in Phoenix Nights - Outtakes
Tommy Dickfingers scene in Phoenix Nights - Outtakes

What about Tommy Dickfingers?

Peter Kay’s hit comedy, Phoenix Nights brought endless hours of laughter and entertainment, but one of the funniest moments came away from the two series’ worth of situational humour.

The Tommy Dickfingers outtakes has given fans a barrel of laughs in its own right, showing Phoenix Club bouncers Max and Paddy (Peter Kay and Patrick McGuinness) discussing the tale of the aforementioned character and what happened to him one night.

During filming on the notable scene, both Kay and McGuinness just cannot get their words out as they describe the characters phallic fingers and how he was found after a heavy night out. [Scroll down for video]

Fans are still praying for a third series of Phoenix Nights, or a second series of spin-off Max and Paddy’s Road to Nowhere. However, despite a new series of Max and Paddy being written the show has been shelved due to busy working schedules.

Most recently, comedian Peter Kay has worked on the second series of his BAFTA Award Winning Car Share, alongside Sian Gibson. The sitcom released in April 2017 and has been received with great gusto from both fans and critics.

Car share series 2 broadcast on BBC One during April and early May with the series also available on full on BBC’s on demand media player, BBC iPlayer.

It is not yet known what Kay’s next plans are, but speculation has mounted that he will take a break away from the spotlight to spend time with his family.

Other fans who claim to know the Bolton comic have suggested he will begin work on other TV projects and is considering another stand-up tour, but nothing has been confirmed of these reports at this stage.

Enjoy the clip below


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