Killer Tracie Andrews grins as she dons ‘sexy’ policewoman outfit on her hen do – 21 years after murdering fiancé.

The bride-to-be, who served 14 years in jail for stabbing partner Lee Harvey 42 times in 1996, jiggled her boobs in fellas’ faces whilst donning police gear.

The bride-to-be, who served 14 years’ jail after stabbing partner Lee Harvey 42 times in a country lane, sported a lapel badge reading “WPC Pleasure”.

Tracie, 48, jiggled her boobs in fellas’ faces and planted kisses on strangers as she whooped it up with six pals ahead of her wedding to new love, bouncer Phil Goldsworthy.

The Sun

She and one friend, also dressed as a cop, hoisted up their short skirts and stroked each other whenever men wolf-whistled at them.

Twenty-four hours after Saturday’s bash, the bisexual mum stepped out for the second night of the 80s-themed Butlins weekend in Minehead, Somerset. This time she wore a daring leather and lace catwoman outfit.

A party goer at the Butlins event said: “She knows no shame — she thought it was hilarious to dress as a copper.

“She didn’t spare a thought for Lee’s family. The lads swooning over her would be shocked to learn her true identity.”

Tracie Andrews
The Sun

Tracie, now called Jenna Stephens and with her blonde hair dyed black, staggered home in the early hours and was nursing a hangover on Sunday.

She was engaged to 25-year-old Lee when she butchered him with a pen-knife in Alvechurch, Worcs, in 1996.