The stylist exposed her nipples through her top as she sported a striped white shirt and flowing culottes, which were accessorised with a black tie belt.

The 53-year-old beauty had visibly chosen to ditch her underwear, with her assets impossible to miss underneath her flowing shirt.

Furthermore, her top was gaping open due to the tight fit across her chest, leaving her décolletage on full display and giving viewers a cheeky glimpse of her breasts.

That wasn’t the end of the fashion disaster as she admitted her bandage was “falling out” as she discussed the outfit her daughter was wearing.

Trinny appeared completely unfazed – or completely unaware – of the wardrobe malfunction as she offered advice on how mothers and daughters can don similar items of clothing, but in different ways.

Whilst host Ruth Langsford was fully engaged with the fashion segment, those watching at home were distracted by Trinny’s assets.

One viewer tweeted: “#ThisMorning really didn’t want to see Trinny and her nips while eating. Ffs put a bar on woman or warm up.”

Another added: “Think Trinny needs some plasters! #ThisMorning.”

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