9 TV show comebacks that ruined a perfectly good ending

Fans of Classic TV love the news that a show is going to be making a return to screens some years after its final episode aired.

However, sometimes it’s best to leave a classic in the past. The show has ended and we have endearing memories that we love to look back on.

Lots of TV shows have made comebacks, but they’ve simply not lived up to the calibre of old. Here we’re going to look at 9 of those that we, as fans, wish producers had simply left alone.

9) Gladiators

gladiators 1992 cast

The hit 90s Saturday night TV show resurfaced on Sky 1 in the late 2000’s, but flopped and was quickly cancelled.

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8) Big Brother

Big Brother | Channel 4 / Five

Channel 4 pulled the plug on Big Brother after 11 glorious series, with a fantastic ending. However, just twelve months later, FIVE brought it back to screens and has since blurred the lines between celeb and nobody with its questionable casts for ‘Celebrity’ Big Brother.

7) Heroes


The superhero series, which wowed audiences in its early day ended up being cancelled because of poor viewing figures half way through a series. Years later it returned for a 13 episode mini-series, but has since been cancelled – again.

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