The MASH finale is still the most-watched scripted programme in American history, so it’s no surprise that bosses made an attempt to revive it.

The revived series followed characters after the war had ended, but reviewers weren’t kind. TV Guide listed it as the 7th worst TV show ever, and Time put it down as “One of the 100 worst ideas of the 20th century”.

5) This Life

This Life | BBC

RICK GRIMES! Yep, that’s Andrew Lincoln before everybody had heard of him.

Ten years after the series finished and everybody was happy, the show returned and fans were genuinely eager to see what they were up to.

However, we were given a wet-weekend of an episode, filmed in a documentary style that seemed too full of its own self-worth, and in turn it received a mauling from critics. “Terrible. Witless. Insubstantial. Saggy. Navel-gazing,” wrote The Times.

4) Skins

Skins where are they now

Skins was great and we didn’t need a Redux short-series in 2013 to remind us of that, but never the less it happened. All those fond memories were shattered when some of our much-loved characters were given a pretty devastating ending.

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