3) Top Gear

Top Gear
Top Gear | BBC

This is a bit of a strange one for some who actually liked the Chris Evans incarnation and who HATE Jeremy Clarkson, but the general consensus after the three pictured above left is that Top Gear should be put to bed. It wasn’t, it returned – and it was BAD.

Credit to the BBC though, they’ve removed Evans and a number of other members of the hugely over-cast motoring show to leave us with three men, one who is a big personality and acts a bit of a fool, one who knows A LOT about cars and one who just likes to be giddy and have fun. Remind you of anybody?

2) Friends

Friends | NBC Universal

When Friends ended fans were devastated, but happy at how they did it. Joey, the spin-off starring Matt Le Blanc in his Friends persona sort of tinted that though. The show was a bit of a disaster and was eventually cancelled mid-way through its second series.

1) Only Fools and Horses

In 1996, the series believed to have ended when Del Boy and Rodney eventually became millionaires, selling off an old watch they found whilst clearing out the garage.

However five years later the show returned and they were penniless, which did put a bit of a downer on the feel-good nature of the previous episode. In all honesty though, John Sullivan pulled it off and the latter episodes of Only Fools are not a smear on the fantastic work they’d done previous.