The BBC have been forced to issue an apology after a US Athlete called squirrels ‘Spastics’ during a TV interview.

Kori Carter made the statement on BBC 2 during coverage of the World Championships at the London Stadium.

Viewers couldn’t believe their ears when the American hurdler said the offensive word live on air.

Gabby Logan who was interviewing her said:

“I’m intrigued to read about your love of squirrels. Not the kind of most obvious animal. What’s all that about?”

Carter replied: “I see a lot of myself in squirrels. They’re really intelligent but they’re also kind of fun and spastic and a little bit crazy. They’re just really cute and adorable.”

Now the BBC have had to release an apology for the on-air gaffe.

Logan said: “In our interview with Kori Carter, you may have heard she used a word that may have caused offence to our British audience.

“Our American colleagues have told us that it’s a word that’s used in America commonly to describe excitement, over-exuberance and enthusiasm, and that of course is the context that she was using it but we do apologise if it caused offence.”

Viewers though were angry with what the athlete had said. One person ranted:

“Can’t believe #bbcathletics haven’t apologised for Kori Carter’s use of the word ‘spastic’ on live TV.”

Another said: “Please don’t use the word Spastic as an adjective as you just did on BBC, u r like a squirrel… Dumb.”

Some people didn’t even realise it had happened though:

“What potentially offensive word did Kori Carter use? I didn’t spot it.”

Another added: “If you’re one of the idiots that complained about Kori Carter then you are an embarrassment.”

Here’s the interview for you: