Bradley Walsh loses it on the chase-2
ITV The Chase

Bradley Walsh struggled to hide his laughter during a Chase ‘Celebrity Special’, after a question with the words “C*ck” and “Beaver” popped up.

The Chase host, Bradley Walsh saw the question and readied himself. He said: “C*ck shot”, before pausing to try and retain his composure.

“Here we go. Alright. C*ck shot and beaver,” before pausing completely. [Article Continues Below]

Contestant, Fern Britton interrupted, offering a word of encouragement: “You can do it,” she explained, before Bradley replied: “I can, if that lot would shut up and give me half a chance.”

“‘C*ck shot’ and ‘beaver’ are terms in what game?,” said Bradley, before erupting in laughter once again.

Once the laughter had subsided, both Fern and Chaser, The Beast locked in the answers. Fern opted for Backgammon exclaiming “It was the cleanest”.

The answer was correct and Fern managed to move a step closer to home, but Chaser Mark ‘The Beast’ Labbett answered incorrectly, choosing Ker-Plunk.

He admitted: “I’ve played a lot of Backgammon and i’ve never heard of those terms”

Bradley once again erupted into laughter, with the whole studio audience joining in.

The Chase airs on ITV at 5pm weekdays.