Do you remember the Accrington Stanley milk advert in the 1980s? A sexy remake advertising pure milk vodka has been banned by Watchdog.

There were a number of complaints made, suggesting that the advert publicised alcohol in a socially irresponsible manner.
The recent advertisement showed a young man and woman walking through the fields, glancing at each other in a provocative way. Towards the end, the vodka bottle was featured, reading ‘Black Cow Pure Milk Vodka’.

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Another advert for the same product was also created, featuring the original actor who starred in the 80’s milk advert.

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The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) made statements that the adverts advertised heavy drinking as an acceptable action – which sparked a great deal of fury, especially when the advert would most likely have been broadcast around children.

The slogan ‘So smooth you can drink it until the cows come home’ appeared to be the real issue. The ASA claimed that it would have been fairly easy for children to understand the hidden message.

The ASA also stated “While we noted that this was a literal recreation of the original advert and that some viewers would recognise the element of satire, we considered that the large quantity of vodka depicted, and the replacement of the empty bottles with full ones, was nonetheless still likely to be understood as implying and encouraging excessive drinking.”

All three adverts have now been banned, with the ASA making the final comment that they “(do not) encourage excessive drinking or link alcohol to sexual activity”.

Would you have been happy for these adverts to be broadcast? Check out one of the banned video advertisements below to form your own opinion:

Check them out here

Here is the original video: