credit: Factor el Blog

Viewers are shocked, upset, angered and flabbergasted in equal measure by the BBC’s rather ill-thought out and less-than-gracious choice of pre-programme clip last night and it’s easy to see why!

Yesterday marked the ten year anniversary of Madeleine McCann’s disappearance from her bed in a holiday apartment that she and her family were staying at in Praia de Luz, Portugal.

Since her disappearance, no trace of the young girl has been found.

Last night, the BBC’s highly acclaimed Panorama series broadcasted a show documenting the police investigation into the three-year-old’s disappearance.

However it wasn’t the show that got people talking, but the tiny clip that was aired as the show was being introduced.

The voice over stated: “Now on BBC One, the search goes on in a case like no other. Madeleine McCann ten years on.” The footage on the pre-programme clip featured what looked like a team of birdwatchers looking through binoculars, searching, looking.

See for yourself in the tweet below:

It was innocent enough, and the BBC clearly did not mean to offend anybody, but it seems that this wasn’t as thought out as perhaps it should have been, seeing as how the clip acted as a backdrop to an introduction about a missing child.

As you can imagine, Twitter blew up as soon as the clip was shown.

One viewer simply said: “wtf @BBCone #MadelineMcCann”

Another said: @funtimefrankieg @IlBrutto_ @BBCOne You almost have to admire the nerve (and pure comedy sass) necessary to do that…

While another pointed out: @harryreid1985 @IlBrutto_ @BBCOne That HAS to be an accident!