It goes without saying that when it comes to making Bradley Walsh burst into laughter on The Chase, it is not exactly as hard as trying to split the atom or marry quantum mechanics with theoretical physics. Nevertheless, the host last night was again reduced to a bundle of giggles by quite possibly the best Chase contestant ever.

Someone call the police, because Danny, a 20-year old railway worker from Essex, stole the show.

Going up against Shaun Wallace, also known as the Dark Destroyer, Danny had the…usually unflappable…host on the verge of tears when he revealed what he’d spend his money on if he won.

He said he’d look to go on a lad’s trip to Amsterdam – standard – saying: “I haven’t been, that’s why I wanna go look at the tulips and windmills and stuff.”

Needless to say, Danny would be quite the enforcer when it comes to the guest list. Danny said that he’d take six or seven of his mates, explaining: “If any of them say they wanna bring their missus it ain’t gonna happen.”

A soft spot quickly formed for Danny in the hearts of the viewers, with one even comparing him to his equally Landan-ey namesake Danny Dyer.

“Muck about. Danny has to be one of the funniest guys on The Chase,” read one tweet.

Another joked: “I don’t think Danny actually knows where he is.”

“Love the questions Danny is getting, his expression is as though they’re in another language,” a third said.

Things, however, quickly took a turn for the worst when Danny decided to take the minus offer in order to get through.

Despite making the bold and controversial move, Danny failed to get the better of The Chaser and was sent home empty-handed.

The Dark Destroyer was a big fan of the Essex native, telling him: “you’re a card, son.”