Credit: ITV

Viewers of The Chase were left in stitches this week as a contestant made a serious blunder.

Sally-Ann and Omer made it to the final chase with £30,000 in their prize fund, yet failed miserably answering only 11 questions correct against Paul ‘The Sinnerman’ Sinha.

Bradley Walsh asked Sally-Ann: “The Island of Gran Canaria is part of what country” – to which she responded – “The Canaries”.

Fans once again took to Twitter to voice their opinions:

Twitter reaction to The Chase blunderDuring the same round, Over-confident Omer was asked: “God Watch’ is rhyming cockney slang for what whiskey?”.

His response?


By this time, viewers held their head in their hands in disbelief.

The Chase's Omer
One viewer commented “I can’t even cope right now”.

Another commented with a span of laughing face emojis.

It was no surprise that the pair left empty-handed.

This is the second blunder to have occurred this week on The Chase.