What would you do if you saw 15,000 2p coins dumped at the side of a canal? Two curious friends decided to find out.

AirBnB host Jamahl McMurran and Croatian artist Lana Mesic carried out an epic stunt on the path of Regents Canal, London yesterday.

The pair left £300 in 2p coins in a huge pile and set up a camera in Jamahl’s nearby flat to check out the hilarious reactions of passers-by. He admitted that they had ‘no idea’ what would happen next.

The social media experiment was filmed for almost four hours, before two men cleared off with the lot.

The pair dropped off the £300 mound of pennies, left over from one of Lana¿s recent art installations, and set up a camera in Jamahl¿s flat to capture peoples¿ reactions

And then it was gone…

Before the fun was spoiled, one man was caught standing on the pile, joyfully throwing handfuls into the air, whilst two children were captured playing amongst the coins and taking photographs.

McMurran said he was surprised at the footage and added: “We both had an idea about what was going to happen, we knew some people would enjoy it.

‘And we expected others to come and steal it. But what we really wanted was someone to come along and give it to charity.’

‘What we were really interested in though, was studying people’s behaviour.’

With many taking to social media to voice their anger of the two men who stole the entire contents, McMurran commented that no-one should be making assumptions and may have had a good reason to do so:

“You never know why they took them, it’s easy to make assumptions but it could have been for charity, for a homeless shelter, who knows.”

The strangest reaction was however the following man, who seemed to believe the coins may be some sort of magic portal to another dimension. WATCH the video below…