There really is never a dull moment on This Morning with this pair at the helm is there? Well today was no different as Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby were left in a fit of hysterics over a pair of coconuts. Oh Matron!

The popular ITV duo were discussing an upcoming segment on This Morning, in which the various natural methods of teeth whitening would be discussed, when the innuendo came…I mean arrived. They’ve got me doing it now!

Phillip, 54, was sitting, with coconuts in lap, when he began to play with them and said through childish giggles: “There’s something funny about coconuts.”

While his co-host tried to keep a straight face, she couldn’t help but laugh along with her cheeky co presenter.

With her straight face compromised, Holly thought it best to join in by saying: “I think it’s funny because they’ve given you a pair. They only needed to give you one.”

Upon realising what she said, Willoughby burst into laughter.

In an attempt to recover from the funny blip, Phillip told viewers that he was actually playing with the fruit because they were one of the ways viewers could whiten their teeth. Sure you were Phil, sure you were.

Take a look at the video below for yourself, and see if you think Phillip is telling the truth!