An unbelievable clip filmed by a car dashcam in the USA may become solid proof that time travel really does exist.

Two men appear to be walking out of a solid wall, appearing ‘all casual’ as described by the man who captured the mind-boggling clip, seemingly evolving out of nowhere.

Youtuber Stephen Searl Price Jr came to the conclusion that the wall may have been a ‘time portal’.

Such happenings have been created numerous times in sci-fi films and novels, where doorways have provided openings to different time periods; but had never been proven in the real-world…until now?

Whilst some may believe this concept to be completely bonkers, Stephen is completely convinced by his own theory. He commented: “The video is 100% unedited by me.

Footage shows shocking moment men walk through time portal
They got larger and larger until, like you see on the video, they just kind of transformed into people,” he said.

“At that point I was extremely flustered, basically jaw wide open, speechless and quite honestly I was scared.”

Watch the clip below to see this amazing footage:


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