Jeremy Kyle discusses Top Gear
Jeremy Kyle discusses Top Gear

Jeremy Kyle destroys Top Gear with superb burn

The Jeremy Kyle show is never far from controversy, with the guests throwing accusations at one another left, right and centre.

However, the host himself sometimes offers the best insults. On today’s show the most controversial guests ever appeared yet again and slated one another over and over again. Jeremy lost his cool with them and ripped them apart. At the end of the stint, once they’d all left the stage, Jeremy was performing a piece to camera when one, who is in a wheelchair, crashes into the wall.

Kyle’s eye caught the incident and he stormed over shouting saying “Annie don’t drive into the wall. You’ve gone the wrong way, love. It’s supposed to be a television programme, not Top Gear. Although frankly, it’s probably better!”

Social Media reacted to the brilliant comment in the usual way.

Fii wrote “Have I really just watched Jeremy Kyle tell a woman in a wheelchair that “this is the Jeremy Kyle Show not Top Gear””

Jeremy was likely referencing former-Top Gear hosts, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May whose BBC Two show was filled with mayhem and loutish behaviour. The comment was superb and ended the segment with great panache.