Within this morning’s Lorraine on ITV, Lee Ryan discussed last night’s dramatic scenes in Eastenders which saw his character Woody Woodward in bed with Whitney Dean, played by Shona McGarty.

In the upcoming scenes, Mick Carter, played by Danny Dyer is set to return to Walford and will walk in on Woody and Whitney’s bedroom scene, leading to a punch-up between the two men.

Discussing the experience with Lorraine Kelly, Ryan commented: “”I loved it. I’m acting with Danny dyer. How cool is that?

“To be honest, when we were doing the scene, he gets really…He goes for it. He’s very intense and at one point I was like, ‘[breathes out] I’m a bit overwhelmed by this, what am I going to do?’ and then he actually…”

Before giving too much away about the storyline, Ryan stopped himself and said: “No no, I almost said it.”

He then made an accidental hint that his character may be leaving the soap. He told the presenter: “I’ve had the best time from start to…”

In a fluster, he just managed to stop himself from saying “finish” and began to back-peddle with “”From the start of it.”

Fans took to Twitter to air their views on his HUGE hint that Ryan may be leaving EastEnders in the near future:

Did you catch the interview? If not, here’s the clip: