Michael McIntyre sends the audience and fellow guests into laughing meltdown with brilliant conversation about ‘hanky panky’.

The funnyman, who is most famous for his skipping routine, was a guest on the show in early November alongside Coldplay’s Chris Martin and Actress Rosamund Pike.

McIntyre discussed the gag and gave Rosamund a look as if asking her permission to tell it, with it potentially being quite rude, which she responded brilliantly to.

Watch the clip and enjoy as the whole studio audience erupts into laughter with the very British way of discussing sex.

McIntyre is initially reluctant to perform the joke, as it’s part of his own TV Show, which he was promoting.

Chris Martin refuses to accept McIntyre’s caution however and prompts him to tell the joke. Michael then requests permission from his host, who duly obliges.

The joke tells the story of the act of hanky, being self pleasuring, and panky, being pleasure between two people being something men want more readily and when panky comes along, hanky may have already happened.

It’s difficult to understand without watching the clip. I won’t even begin to talk about rumpy pumpy!

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