The beauty of YouTube is that if you dig about you can find some absolute brilliant old footage. In this case, we have a video of Only Fools and Horses legend Nicholas Lyndhurst singing The Who’s classic ‘My Generation’ with Michael Barrymore.

The video you are about to watch is from 1983, Lyndurst would have only been 21/22 here! It looks like both of them are having great fun.

Lyndhurst is known to be a very reserved man but he has shown he can have a good time when he wants too. Although he is very private and little is know about him we have an article, ’10 Things Only Fools Fans Probably never knew about Nicholas Lyndhurst’.

10. Nic was born on April 20, 1961. His full name is Nicholas Simon Lyndhurst and he was raised by single mum Liz Long, only seeing his father Joe on the odd occassion. Nic speaks well of his father however,  “He was a gentle man; very funny and charming and he always made me laugh. He also bought me some great toys. My Action Man collection was the envy of my classmates.”

9. Nic studied at the Corona Stage Academy. His first appearance on television was in The Prince And The Pauper in 1976  starring as both Prince Edward and Tom Canty. Two years later, he played a role as Adolf Hitler’s assistant Karl Brandt in an episode of cult kids sci-fi show The Tomorrow People.

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