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Incredible footage restored by a devoted fan claims to show the legendary film star and martial artist Bruce Lee’s only known competitive fight.

The clip shows Lee dressed in black combat attire stood opposite a similarly dressed rival, said to be a student of his named Ted Wong, as they prepare to face off in front of an eager crowd.

According to the video’s description, state rules at the time required both fighters to wear protective gear at the time, including head guards.

Lee, beginning the fight on the left side of the screen with white-trimmed robes and a brown chest plate, keeps his opponent just out of reach with astute footwork and special awareness, before landing some lightening fast punches to the body.

Later in the clip, Lee, who devised the martial art known as Jeet Kun Do – the art of street fighting, to put it simply – counters another attempted right-hook with a devastating two-punch combination to the chin that rattles his rival, causing him to fall back slightly.

Another part shows Lee grappling with Wong, before expertly planting him on the floor with a perfectly-executed heel trip followed up by a single blow to the head.

Viewers were captivated by the rare clip, which has already racked up more than two million views since it was uploaded to YouTube on Sunday (June 11).

“Lee held back a lot, it’s obvious he didn’t want to hurt him,” one user commented.

“Just wow.” said another

Another wrote: “Did anyone else make Bruce Lee sound effects in their head while watching?”

“He’s near to being too fast to see anything,” added a third.

“It’s like he barely moves and his opponent is still being flung around.”

Lee tragically died at the age of 32 after a friend found him unconscious in bed after having gone for a nap.

While wild conspiracy theories have abounded – thanks in no small part to the coroner’s ruling of “death by misadventure”, Donald Teare, a forensic scientist recommended by Scotland Yard who had overseen over 1,000 autopsies, was assigned to the Lee case.

His conclusion was that Lee’s death was caused by an acute cerebral edema due to a reaction to compounds present in the combination medication Equagesic that Lee was taking.

To this day, the world of mixed martial arts still holds Bruce Lee in the highest regard.

Watch the full video below