A toddler was nearly crushed to death by oncoming traffic as she fell out of a moving car.

A white car is seen moving through traffic when the passenger door opens and she tumbles to the ground head first.

Another car shaves past her legs just after her little body hits the road.

Confused and scared she desperately tries to get out of the path of oncoming traffic.

When she eventually stands up, she tries to run back towards her car before a taxi driver opens his door and rescues her.

The driver of the white car realises what’s happened and brings the car to a halt. The woman driving gets out and takes the child back to the car.

This unbelievable footage was captured on a dash-cam in Bangkok, Thailand, by a vehicle behind. People in that vehicle can be heard screaming in horror.

A woman can be heard shouting: “Your kid fell, and you don’t even know.”

The video was uploaded to Facebook by Pornpillin Aeamsaad, who called it an “unexpected event”.

Here is the horrific footage: