Viewers of Broadchurch spotted a believed production error in Monday night’s episode of the hit mystery drama, leading to comments on social media questioning whether it was a genius red herring or a genuine mistake.

On yesterday’s gripping episode of Broadchurch, the investigation of Trish Winterman’s rape heated up as D.S. Ellie Miller, played by Olivia Colman, and DI Alec Hardy, played former Doctor Who actor David Tennant, found themselves a potential suspect and new breakthrough evidence.

The two detectives interrogated Jim Atwood after finding he was alone on the two dates in which women were attacked as well as discovering an open packet on condoms in his van, along with a receipt matching the day of Trish’s attack – which were the same brand found at the scene of the crime.

But their investigation turned on its head at the end of the episode, after Ellie and Alec received DNA results back from a sock that was found at the scene of the crime, following Cath’s traumatic 50th birthday party.

The results showed that Trish’s saliva was all over the item of clothing, while Alec delivered another bombshell and revealed that there were traces a known man’s DNA on the sock too.


However, D.C. Katie Harford found evidence too after the cliffhanger of who’s DNA was found on the sock was created.

The police officer, who is suspended from the case due to her father being a suspect, was called over to her father Ed’s farm shop, where he told her he had found a bag in the grounds.

As Katie arrived, she said: “What’s so urgent?”

To which Ed replied with: “I was moving things and I found this. 

“I’ve never seen it before.”

Katie slowly rifled through the bag and pulled out bundles of blue twine – the exact same used for Trish’s brutal rape – and remarked: “Dad, these are blood stains.”


Whilst the majority of viewers started to speculate who could have planted the evidence there or whether it was Ed himself, some eagle-eyed fans were left a little baffled by the scene.

Many spotted that Katie handled the groundbreaking evidence with her bare hands, therefore contaminating it. Was this a production error or a deliberate insertion by producers to lead investigators on a wild goose chase, prolonging the capture of the attacker?

Some Twitter users questioned Katie’s actions, especially given that she’s a police officer.

One person tweeted: “This twine that’s covered in blood? I’m just gonna grab it with my bare hands. Contaminate the evidence. Top police work there. #Broadchurch.”

Another put: “What kind of policewoman is she? Rubbing her bare hands all over potential evidence! #Broadchurch.”

A third wrote: “Goddammit Harford stop grabbing evidence like that and put on some gloves you are the WORST #Broadchurch.”

“‘You lost me my job’ well if that didn’t contaminating that police evidence may well have done #Broadchurch,” another user joked.

Broadchurch concludes on Monday at 9pm, ITV 1