Atomic Kitten are currently touring but one thing that former member Jenny Frost won’t want to remember is this unfortunate wardrobe malfunction when the original group were together.

The band played a string of shows in Australia and New Zealand last month with fellow 90s pop acts Bewitched, S Club 7 and East 17.

Frost however chose not to be a part of the initial reunion in 2012, stating that she wanted to focus on her pregnancy and has not performed with the rest of the girls since they got back together.

That was perhaps a good thing, however, after this vintage clip showed how she struggled with a top while performing.

As she sways from side to side to the music, her sheer top opens up, and for a few moments, one of her boobs is completely visible to the audience.

But the blonde star quickly covers herself up and continues the performance like a true professional.

Atomic Kitten formed in Liverpool in 1998 and shot to fame in 2000 after releasing three number 1 singles including Whole Again and Eternal Flame.

Jenny Frost replaced Kerry Katona in 2001.

The group split in 2004 but got back together in 2012 – minus Frost – and have continued to tour since.

The current line-up features Kerry, Natasha and former Liberty X star Michelle Heaton, who is filling in for Liz McClarnon.

Atomic Kitten are playing a string of dates in the UK this summer including festival shows at Bristol, Dagenham and Rosyth in Scotland.

To see the unfortunate incident, check the video out below!