Footage caught on a dash cam has raised suspicion over the past few days. A man has been spotted teleporting into traffic. Do you believe in teleportation? Many don’t – but the clip caught on camera has certainly left viewers feeling slightly creeped out.

The first few seconds of the clip appear to capture a pretty average car journey, however – a man suddenly appears in the middle of the road, directly in front of a black SUV.

The car slams on its breaks and the man falls to the ground. Yet, he just gets up, dusts himself off and walks on.

Viewers of the clip have compared the scene to a clip from The Terminator (1985) in which Arnold Schwarzenegger also appears in the middle of speeding traffic, due to travelling back in time.

Viewers have been left disturbed and many are convinced it’s all down to time travel.

Want to see the fascinating clip? Check the video out below: