The Voice UK was dragged into a “race” row over the weekend.

Kelly Irwin, a 16-year-old singer from Dublin, was seen preparing for one of the biggest moments of her life with her family backstage before she went before the crowed and the judges.

“You should be proud of yourself, which is really good…” said one of Kelly’s relatives as ITV made sure to accompany the words with subtitles.

Fans of the show were outraged when subtitles were used exclusively for the English-speaking Irish family on the show.

One viewer asked: “@thevoiceuk since when to we need subtitles for Irish accents? #TheVoiceUk.”

“Subtitles for an Irish family on #TheVoice Are you being for real@ITV?” asked another.

A third posted: “A note to @ITV – please do not use subtitles if English is being spoken by an accent out of southern England. It’s degrading. Shame on you.”

“Voice whacked subtitles on when the irish family talk, racist,” said a fourth.

Despite failing to get through to the next round, Kelly, dignified in defeat, said: “It went really well, I’m happy with the way I performed.”

Twitter was awash with outraged fans, as another viewer slammed the subtitling decision, adding: “That was really patronising the subtitles then on the voice. We can understand the Irish accent ffs.”

“Just coz it’s not an ‘English accent’ doesn’t mean we need subtitles fs lol #thevoiceuk,” posted another.

“Watching the voice and mums boyfriend starts kicking off because they’ve put subtitles on an Irish contestant,” revealed another aggrieved fan.

The video below shows a snippet of Kelly and her family discussing the achievement of getting as far as she did. Have a listen for yourself, and see if you need subtitles to understand them.