Maguires where are they now shameless

Where are they now? – The ‘Maguire’ family from Shameless

From Series 2 onwards, the Maguire family dominated the Chatsworth estate, with regular run-ins with Frank Gallagher and his family.

The Maguire Family are a half Irish, half English crime family working and living on the Chatsworth Estate. They are head by Scouser mother Mimi and Irish father Paddy. Throughout the series members of the family came and went, with some marrying in and others divorcing out.

Other members of the family include sons of Paddy and Mimi, Donny and Joey, who are only seen briefly in the first few series (Series 2 to Series 4) and rarely mentioned, their whereabouts are unknown, along with Fergal who was murdered by a rival crime family in Series 4, as retribution when one of their members was murdered by Jamie.

Here we are going to take a look at each key character and what they’re up to today

Kelly Maguire (Sally Carman)
Maguire Family where are they now shameless

Sally Carman portrayed Kelly Ball, who later married Shane Maguire and thus becoming Kelly Maguire. Kelly is the sister of Kev Ball, the Gallagher’s next-door neighbour. She first appeared in Series 2 in 2005 as a guest, but became a regular from series 3 through ten. Carman returned as a guest star in the shows final series.

Since leaving Shameless, Sally has continued to act, with a majority of her roles being in Theatre. Sally performed as Mrs Casper in 2014’s A Kestrel for a Knave. The actress’ most recent stage production came in 2015, when she starred as the main character in Dreamers.

Sally performed as DCI Sally Butcher in 2016’s Silent Witness. The actress is very active on Twitter and keep her followers up to date with her work and family life. Follow her here: Sally Carman Twitter.

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