Heart melting moment widower discovers her deceased husbands final gift to her

An OAP has the shock of her life when the BBC’s Antiques Roadshow team reveal the value of her deceased husband’s quirky shoe buckle collection.

The lady explained to Judith Miller, Antiques Roadshow’s expert, how she came by the extraordinary collection, saying: “Well, my husband – my late husband, it was his collection and he collected them for over 50 years. [Scroll down for Video]

“His father had a couple of pairs, which he gave to my husband. From then on, he just liked them. When we went to antique fairs, he was always looking for shoe buckles. 


“We could go into a quite upmarket antiques shop and we were probably paying £2, something like that, for Georgian shoe buckles.”

It’s no surprise then that everybody in the vicinity was left breathless when the sale value of the buckles came to light.

Inquisitively, Judith asked whether it had become “a little bit of an obsession” for the lady’s husband, to which she replied with a smile: “Yes, just a bit.”

Viewers learnt the former collector cleaned and catalogued the shoe buckles and loved showing them to people.

The collectors’ daughters, who were also at the scene revealed that what they had brought was a mere sample of his collection and that they had more than 1500 buckles at home.

When talking monetary value, Judith explained: “What do I say about value? If you just look at them and say that some of the lesser ones maybe £100 a pair. 

“Some of the more beautiful ones in these cases maybe £500 to £700 a pair and if you take the cream wear ones, I would certainly see them very easily fetching £1,000. 

“So if you look at the collection as a whole – and it’s pretty staggering to me – I think we’re looking here with your collection at £200,000.”

Visibly stunned, the widow replied “Well, we don’t really think of that. They are a collection and we are keeping the collection and it will get passed down to my three daughters and possibly even further down the line than that. But I love them, absolutely love them.”

Both the lady and her daughters were left on the verge of tears by the valuation as Judith said it was a “lovely story” and inheritance for the family.

This edition of the Antiques Roadshow came from the city of culture Hull and was held at Burton Constable Hall near the city.

Antiques Roadshow airs Sundays at 8pm on BBC One