Confused viewers ask why woman danced with M&M’s box on her head during LIVE Channel 4 news report

Viewers of the C4 News took to Twitter to question why a lady was dancing behind a news report, wearing a box of popular chocolate, M&M’s.

The lady can be seen holding a poster which reads ‘Black Candy Matters’, whilst donning a box of Peanuts M&M’s on her head.

Channel 4 are reporting on Theresa May’s upcoming meeting with Donald Trump. May will be the first world leader to meet with the new president.

The reporter amazingly managed to complete his piece without being put off and within minutes the woman’s antics were a twitter trend.

One user wrote: “Mental! have you seen the lady in c4 News dancing?”

Another commented: “What is that lady doing behind the reporter on 4 News???”, with a third joking: “She’s more entertaining than half the content on Channel 4 LOL”.