An avid Superfan of Blossoms has brilliantly remade their Honeysweet video for a school project and the results are outstanding. Mitchell Twiggs, 9 from Stockport made the video with help from Mum Victoria and Dad Neil.

Neil told It’s Gone Viral “Mitch has the choice to undertake whatever subject he wants to do for his research award. In previous years he’s produced a book on the history of Man City and a book on WW2, he wanted to do something that was a bit more unusual this year. He’s been a fan since their album came out, he got it on the day of release and has listened to it all the time since then, subsequently buying the extended version of the same album. The fact that the band are from Stockport and all born at the same hospital he was really appealed to him”

When asked how long it took to film and how it was done, “The filming was done over about 6 weekends and a couple of days in the school holidays. It was all done on my phone so very amateur. 🙂

He hasn’t had his school assembly yet for completing it but he has been called to the headmaster’s office to show him, receiving a headmaster’s award for it”

Neil posted the video to Blossoms official Facebook page on 23rd April and since Blossoms themselves shared it it’s now amassed a brilliant 20,000 views at the time of writing.

As you can see from the original the work that has gone into it is nothing short of excellent

Neil said of the video being shared, “We’ve been blown away by it having so many views and likes, they’d shared a photo of him previously and that got 350+ likes but this was way beyond our expectations. It took a couple of weeks for the band to notice it and then one of the band’s family commented on it and it took off from there. Mitch is really happy that the band have all seen it and acknowledged it by sharing the video. He takes it all in his stride but is over the moon to be honest.”

Blossoms are an English indie pop band coming from Stockport, Greater Manchester and were formed in 2013, the band consists of Tom Ogden (lead vocals, guitar), Charlie Salt (bass, backing vocals), Josh Dewhurst (lead guitar, percussion), Joe Donovan (drums) and Myles Kellock (keyboards, synthesizer, backing vocals).

They are a fast upcoming band and were on the BBC’s Sound Of new music list for 2016 in which they finished in fourth place. They were one of only two guitar bands on the list, alongside Rat Boy.