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Evil Eye Gin wanted:

To promote their York based gin shop and outdoor garden bar. The aim was to draw attention to its huge range of gins, highlighting their house speciality Evil Eye Gin.


Promotional video solution:

The video features a young man and woman wearing the stylish Flexwarm jackets walking on a cold, windy day. Video effects were added to demonstrate how the jacket can heat up to 50 degrees and is supported by facts about the amazing technology. The music was carefully chosen to match the power and the strength of the heated coat. An ideal Christmas present, the video was strategically released in the Autumn.
Over 7 million views
Over 56,000 shares
The brand was further promoted in the comment section by the rave reviews of Evil Eye Gin.
It’s Gone Viral’s promotional video featured in a review of Evil Eye in the York Mix – a news and entertainment website.
“I don’t think a day has passed where I don’t desperately want to go back to Evil Eye” – Sarah McNeil

“That bar is fantastic.” – Zoe Fletcher

“That’s my idea of heaven! I’ve just bought a Lakes Elderflower Gin that makes it 42 gins I’ve bought now.” – Lynn Atkinson

“The shop of our dreams!” – Sharon Reed


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