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ICON Rollercoaster

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Blackpool Pleasure Beach wanted:

Blackpool Pleasure Beach wished us to make the public aware of their new ride ICON Rollercoaster. They wished us to focus on the cutting-edge technology of the ride and why it is a must try for adrenaline junkies!

Promotional video solution:

What better way to advertise the new ride at Blackpool Pleasure Beach than to test it out ourselves! Appealing to thrill seekers, the video shows footage of us (hearts pounding and pulling strange faces) on the exhilarating ride which travels at 85 miles per hour. It’s appeal lies in its revolutionary technology and this is explicitly shared in the promotional video.
The level of engagement with the video was exceptionally high and achieved:
1 million views
Over 6000 shares
Lively and exciting chats about the ride between friends resulted – shown in the comment section with many tagging friends suggesting they try the ride out.
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