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After winning the award for Best British Film at the National Film Awards, Scott Elliot, director of Scott And Sid spoke to It’s Gone Viral and thanked us for our campaign. 

“Without It’s Gone Viral, I don’t think we would have got the votes. Over 2.8 million (people) voted in total and I put a lot of that down to It’s Gone Viral”.

Dreamchaser Film wanted:

To create a funny video ahead of the 2019 National Film Awards to raise awareness of their film Scott And Sid, which was nominated for 3 NFA’s.

Promotional video solution:

With almost entirety of Scott And Sid being filmed in Yorkshire and with director Scott Elliott being a proud Yorkshireman, we thought it would be funny to put the North/South divide to the test by pitching our in-house presenter, Simon, against Scott as they played ‘Guess The Yorkshire Slang’. 
The video clearly resonated well with our demographic, gaining over 150k views and provided Scott And Sid with excellent exposure in the run up to the awards. Scott And Sid later went on to win Best British Film at The National Film Awards and we are incredibly proud to have worked with them on this project. 

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