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The Grand Tour Presents: Seamen

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Amazon Prime Video wanted:

A simple yet hilarious video that would get the best reactions from the legendary trio of Richard Hammond, James May and Jeremy Clarkson. 


Promotional video solution:

The key to this video was simplicity and giving the talent the perfect platform to let them run wild! 
We knew that Jeremy, Richard and James would give us a no holds barred approach to stitching each other up in an incredible game of Who’s Most Likely?  
As soon as the concept had been approved, the IGV team got to work by devising a set of 10 questions that we knew would get the best and most interesting answers, therefore giving us an excellent position to get some truly hilarious content.  
Questions such as “Who’s Least Likely to get you kicked out of a foreign prison cell?” and “Who’s Most Likely to have the worst travel attire?” provided Jeremy, Richard and James the perfect platform to get stuck into each other and gave us some incredible exclusive content AND an insight into their friendship and way of working together. 
Thanks to our outstanding marketing strategy, our video campaign received a mega combined reach of over 9 MILLION people through Facebook and YouTube, and with over 1 MILLION  organic views combined on our YouTube and Facebook channels, it is safe to say our our audience loved watching the trio stitch each other up- just as we knew they would! 


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