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It Chapter 2

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Warner Bros. wanted:

A unique video with one of the stars of the film, and national treasure, James McAvoy to help promote their summer blockbuster, It Chapter 2, ahead of the release of the film. 


Promotional video solution:

Seeing as James is a proud Scotsman and because Scottish Twitter is one of the funniest things around on the internet, we asked him to translate some Scottish tweets! 
 We knew we’d be able to capture a unique and engaging video that our audience would enjoy and with over 500 organic shares and plenty of comments, our audience clearly enjoyed tagging their Scottish friends and family, as well as watching James break down with laughter at some of the tweets he was reading out! 
With a top audience of 59% female, a huge overall reach of 489k and with over 160k organic views,  our unique concept resonated incredibly well with our audience and successfully promoted It Chapter 2 ahead of it’s cinematic release. 


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