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Playmobil: The Movie

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StudioCanal UK wanted:

A hilarious video with the legend that is Daniel Radcliffe, ahead of the release of their new family animation; Playmobil: The Movie


Promotional video solution:

As Daniel plays the super-suave spy, Rex Dasher, in Playmboil: The Movie, we came up with a concept where Daniel would have to correctly guess the hidden quotes from famous spy films. 
This video gave us the chance to also have an informal chat about Daniel’s on-screen persona as well as some of his favourite Spy and Action movies, resulting in many hilarious annecdotes about bumping into Jason Statham in the gym and how he’d love to one day play a “very neurotic James Bond”.
With over 115k organic views,  our fun and relaxed interview also received a reach of over 300k people and lots of engagement, successfully promoting Playmboil: The Movie ahead of it’s cinematic release. 


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